Seriously Connected’s core purpose aims to save you time and money by eliminating the agency, connecting you direct to collaborating recruiter networks accelerating your recruiting results. 

Re.alise your dreams

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Select your recruiter

Get in touch today to select your recruiter. You choose who you work with based on their personal skills and experience.

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Work one on one with your chosen recruiter

No CV spamming or unsuitable applications. Introducing you to the people you want to meet is the only objective.

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Signed sealed and delivered

Work direct with a specialist focussed on establishing and delivering the exact results you require. Fast.

Specialist re.cruiter

You work on a personal one to one basis with your chosen specialist recruiter. After spending a few minutes with them on the phone, they will have a complete understanding of exactly what you’re looking for. They get it. Using their years of experience, they won’t spam you with irrelevant CVs or convince you into an unsuitable position. They’ll understand exactly what you need and do their very best to help you get it.

Seriously Connected recruiters all know their sector or particular specialism inside out, motivated to nurture great relationships and deliver successful assignments becoming trusted by hiring managers and recommended by candidates.

Using a specialist means that you deal with an industry expert who has an in-depth understanding and network of your particular industry and/or specialism. This consistently saves you time and gives you the advantage of being introduced to career opportunities that are rarely advertised and the top talent who never appear on the open recruiting landscape.

The days of working to KPIs are over. Our recruiters focus on what matters most, adding value to your recruitment requirements by giving you instant access to the contacts you need today and advising you of the movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Our specialist recruiters normally know what is happening out there before it has even happened!

Re.warding success

Our recruiters have stepped away from working for an agency so that they can deliver a completely committed and personal recruitment service. For them, less is now more. They work with fewer vacancies and are able to focus their efforts on making successful placements rather than hitting sales-driven targets. It’s in their best interests to help you get what you want as quickly as possible, and if they can’t help you – they’ll tell you.

Recruitment takes time, effort and resource. Our recruiters have the same objective as you, all working together to deliver you successful efficient recruitment campaigns, fast.

We know that business evolves, customers demand, technology develops and organisations change over time. Finding the right people to help deliver on all these fronts can be a challenge – that’s where we come in. The single reason our recruiters are independent is because they are confident in their ability to deliver.

For our specialists there are no prizes for CVs sent, coffees bought or interviews arranged. Their only focus is to introduce you to the people you want to meet resulting in a successful hire.

Re.aching your potential

It’s not about the size of the database that counts, it’s about the strong personal relationships that our recruiters have built up in their markets over many years. With a proven track record our recruiters are your industry experts and they know exactly where to look for what you need. It’s not about keyword matching a CV to a job spec, it’s about finding the right people to work with the right people for years to come.

There are no limits to the reach of our recruiters, the power of collaboration is unbelievable. We connect micro networks together to create a unique and powerful super network. Independent Specialists seamlessly working with and connected to candidates and career opportunities that traditional recruitment businesses cannot match.

Seriously Connected recruiters are skilled key recruitment advisors, revealing your true requirements to focus you on achieving your recruiting ambitions.

You deserve the best, working together we aim to provide it - we are Seriously Connected to the people you want to be introduced to.