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Your business, fully supported

We build your individual recruitment business, expertly managed as an independent recruiter on the Seriously Connected platform.

It’s time to get ready to recruit for yourself.

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For specialist recruiters

You’ll highlight your expertise while we define your why, your marketing material & upload your Seriously Connected profile.

With professional photo obviously!

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Everything you need

From your Terms & Conditions, CRM to your company Facebook page, everything your business needs is taken care of.

In no time at all, you’re good to go.


Tell your world about it

Get out there and share your story. We will shout about it too.

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Time to talk

We get it, you’ve been recruiting successfully for years; now it’s your time; use your story and our support to communicate what you have to offer and why you are the recruiter of choice.

Activity creates opportunity.

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Your reputation

We position you are the forefront of the industry, developing your authority and reputation to attract the clients and candidates you want to work with. 

We work for you too.

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Make it happen

You recruit that’s it. Let us look after your business whilst you dedicate all your time on your clients and candidates; more time equals more placements. 

Your recruitment, your results. 

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Share the love

We can be pretty noisy too, and there are plenty of us! We are here for you and aim to help you get the most out of being Seriously Connected.

And we shout loud!


Check your bank account

It’s not all about the fees, but it is the main reason you want to recruit for yourself.

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Start recruiting

Most recruiters have existing clients, and vacancies to work on, simply upload each role and get ready to interview candidates.

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Fast & effectively

Take advantage of the technology available, our independent recruiters are reducing the time to hire as well as increasing their fees. 

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Earn great fees

Your clients, your candidates, recruit your way. Your business on your terms. 

Be proud, charge what you’re worth. It’s up to you.

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Enjoy your success

Check your bank account.

Seriously Connected recruiters typically earn more than double as standard and enjoy 10x more freedom. 

We are with you every step of the way!

This is your recruitment business with a dedicated team right behind you. 

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Inspiring you to success

Sign up to the recruiter mentor programme designed to help you accelerate your recruiting success. Together let’s keep your independent recruitment business as profitable as possible.

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We’ve got your back

GDPR, Data protection, year end accounts, tax returns, VAT etc., if it involves your business we have it protected every step of the way.

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Experts everywhere

From you to us, at Seriously Connected you are surrounded by expert services, specialist recruiters and an energy to make going independent the ultimate way to recruit.

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More than just recruitment

Besides the freedom to recruit from anywhere in the world on your terms, join and learn from a supportive community of people also committed to building the life of their dreams. 


Get ready for the end of agency life.

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